mFinity® - The Platform of Choice for Connecting People, Devices, and Data.

The mFinity® platform provides comprehensive Oracle-based solutions for Enterprise Mobility Management (mFinity EMMP) and for monitoring, controlling, and capturing data from the Internet of Things (mFinity IoT).

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The mFinity Platform: Connecting People, Devices, and Data.


Partnering with Oracle

mFinity is built upon an Oracle infrastructure to ensure high performance, reliability, security, and scalability for both enterprise mobility and IoT connectivity.


Connecting with People

mFinity EMMP (Enterprise Mobility Management Platform) simplifies the development, deployment, and management of mobile apps for employees, contractors, strategic partners, and customers.


Connecting with Devices

mFinity IoT provides secure connectivity for IP-addressable sensors, devices and equipment. Together with mFinity EMMP, mFinity IoT provides the ability to use mobile devices to monitor, control, and access data and analytics for the Internet of Things.


Connecting with Data

mFinity is integrated with Oracle Database Mobile Server, runs under Oracle WebLogic Server, and uses Oracle Database as the data repository. mFinity EMMP connects mobile users with enterprise applications and data. mFinity IoT connects with IP-addressable devices for monitoring, control, and data collection.

Data Integrity in Mobility